Blog Income Report 4/8/2015: $158.28! This is MADNESS!

Blog Income Report 4/8/2015:

Since my last blog income report dated on 3/2/2015, my income has jumped from $52.98 to $158.28. So in about a month I made $105 from my blogging efforts. This is phenomenal growth considering I just started in January of 2015!

The Three Way Monetization Update:

1) Google Adsense: On 3/2/2015 Adsense had me at $4.87 in actualized earnings. Now I am at $8.28 in actualized earnings. This is not especially thrilling, but it appears I am consistant at the $4 a month mark. I’m thinking I will try different banners through amazon or some alternate resource.

2) Amazon Affiliate: For the month of April, I have had 4 clicks so far on amazon affiliate links…however I have still not made ONE DOLLAR with this method. Honestly I thought this would be my money maker method. But so far “no dice”.

3) Refer-a-Friend:  $100 From Boost Mobile Refer-A-Friend since my last post!

My Boost Mobile “refer-a-friend” method is WORKING BEYOND MY WILDEST BELIEF! Here is the link to my simple blog post that yielded these results. So far 6 people have signed up with my link and I have earned $150 from this method.

The only downside is that this method with boost mobile caps out at 10 referrals, meaning I can only get $250. This means I can only make another $100 with this method.

Additional Method Added:

On March 15th, I applied for and was accepted by’s affiliate program which is hosted by I thought of the idea after posting about the suprising price difference between and In the article POSTED HERE, I demonstrated that in some cases was significantly cheaper. I included a banner from the affiliate tools provided within the post.
So far, the banner has had 61 impressions, but no clicks. This means I have earned $0 since that time. But at least I am trying different methods.

Blog Income Report Conclusion:

The “Refer-A-Friend” method is rarely talked about by blog gurus, but what better way to earn money the easy way? To use this method you already have to be using the service/product. This makes you an enthusiastic expert. Your post recommending the service/product will be genuine. The best part about this method for a new blogger is that you don’t need approval from some third party affiliate manager. Most of the affiliate sites require your website to have so many views per month (among other metrics).

In the coming months, I will be adding more “refer-a-friend” posts from product and services that I use.

I will continue to make monthly updates. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have made $150 in 3 months by blogging. It kind of blows my mind.

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