Blog Income Report: $52.98 Refer a Friend Cha-Ching!

Blog Income ReportBlog Income Report 3/2/2015:

phenomenalMy first income report on 1/11/2015 I introduced you to three ways I was attempting to monetize my webiste: 1) Adsense, 2) Amazon Affiliate, and 3) Refer-a-Friend method. Since 1/11/2015 I have earned $52.98. A huge jump over my first month of $1.89!!!

The Three Way Monetization Update:

1) Google Adsense: On 1/11/2015 Adsense had me right under $2.00 in actualized earnings.’’ A little under 2 months later I am now at $4.87 actualized earnings. While not especially exciting, it is still growing!

2) Amazon Affiliate: This method still has not produced real money, but on a positive note I have had 13 click-throughs from my website to Amazon. It is just a matter of time before I get some affiliate money here!

3) Refer-a-Friend:  $50 from 2 referrals!


My Boost Mobile “refer-a-friend” method WORKED! Here is the link to my simple blog post that yielded these results. I had 3 people use the link between February and today. Of those three, two of them were successfully approved. That meant that they got $25 and so did I! One of the referrals didn’t go through because they had already been a previous customer 🙁 . Oh well! I got a grand total of FIFTY DOLLARS $50 FROM THIS METHOD this month!!

The only downside is that this method with boost mobile caps out at 10 referrals, meaning I can only get $250.

Blog Income Report Conclusion:

I am still looking forward to the exciting journey ahead. Again, If I add a new monetization strategy, I will post about it. So far I have successfully monetized with Google Adsense and Refer-A-Friend. To be honest the Refer-A-Friend method is rarely talked about from other blog gurus. This is most likely because it is limited in scope (caps out at 10 with boost mobile). The only reason I decided to use it was because joining Boost Mobile as a pure affiliate is much harder. Boost requires the minimum monthly blog views on your site to be in the thousands per month. For the small timers just starting to grow like me, refer-a-friend is your best option! Perhaps once I cap out at 10 referrals, they may make an exception and make me a permanent affiliate.

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