Blog Income Report: Making my first dollar!

Blog Income ReportBlog Income Report Introduction:

My site was initially created a year ago and remained dormant. I made a commitment for 2015 to get serious about my blog. On December 28th, 2014, I posted my first blog entitled “Fourplex Investing: I make $3375 a month from my Fourplex.” It is now January 11th, 2015. In 15 days, I have earned $1.89 through Google Adsense. This is so exciting! I guess it seems a little like magic to me. I simply provide interesting content based on my own readings and experiences and that is good enough to make money! What a fantastic era of finance and communication we live in!

I started this blog being a little overwhelmed. In fact I still feel that way. Thoughts of fear and doubt have reared their ugly heads. I keep thinking I must have the “perfect” design and layout. I also keep thinking that my writing and grammar aren’t “perfect” so therefore I will fail as a blogger.

However! I have changed my perspective. I realize I’m not going to have all the answers at the start. There is no way my website design and layout will be perfect out the gate. I have observed that I have already learned and implemented a few new design elements to my site already. I have also realized that understanding proper grammar, prose, and finding my “writer’s voice” will come in time. Practice makes perfect!  If I stick with it, I have full confidence my blog will be among the greatest blogs out there. Everything I have read about being a successful blogger has shown me that being consistent and persistent is key.

The Three Ways I have Monetized my site so far:

1) Google Adsense: What is Google Adsense you may ask? Well on each page you will see banners on my site. If you click those banners, they will lead you to a different website. Companies pay google to advertise their product or service. Everytime you click one of these banners, an advertiser has paid Google. In return, Google pays me since my website was the medium to help them make money.

Here is Google’s official description of Adsense: “AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your website.”

2) Amazon Affiliate: Every time I post on my website about an interesting product I use, or interesting book I have read, I embed a link into my post. If you click the product link, it will lead you to with me as the referrer. If you buy products, I get a cut of the gross sale starting at 4%. Apparently I can earn up to 10%! So far I have included several book links in my post with no money yet. On a positive note, I have received at least 5 clicks!

3) Refer-a-Friend: Most any company now offers all of its customers a way to earn extra money through the “refer-a-friend” marketing concept. In this simple strategy, you simply sign up and usually email your friends a link. If they use this link, you and your friend get money.

In my post entitled “Saving Money: A great offer to save hundreds a year on your cell phone bill!”, I use the refer-a-friend option from Boost Mobile. I am currently a customer, so I used their link listed here. If someone signs up, they get $25 and so do I. So far I haven’t received any results from this method, but remain optimistic. I will continue to use this method as more product ideas come to mind.

Blog Income Report Conclusion:

I am looking forward to the exciting journey ahead. Eventually, I will keep my readers updated with a monthly blog income report. For now, I will post as often as necessary. If I add a new monetization strategy, I will post about it. If I get my first dollar from an affiliate or refer-a-friend strategy, I will be sure to share!

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