Headlight Restoration: How to save hundreds (Bonus: How to make thousands!)

Headlight Restoration Introduction:

To save money, drive used cars. To save even more money, drive them for as long as possible! The single largest mistake many people make is getting into car debt. Most people over leverage themselves in a vehicle and end up paying thousands of dollars in extra insurance and interest. What’s worse, they tie up needless capital that they could be investing with. I would prefer to drive a $10,000 car that I paid for with cash than to finance a $30,000 car that will end up costing me north of $40,000 once fees and interest are calculated in. With that extra $30,000 I could buy two mobile homes that would net me $1000 a month in profit (For more info on mobile home investing, see my blog post here).

In driving that $10,000 car however, you must make sure you keep excellent maintenance records on it, as well as keeping it cosmetically beautiful. An easy way to keep it looking new is to use a headlight restoration kit on those old discolored headlight lenses. In fact you can save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself on your automobiles, motorcycles, or boats.

Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit:

Over the past weekend I got tired of seeing me and my fiancé’s vehicle look dirty. Not only did our yellowing lenses look disgusting, they presented a hazard while driving at night. I took a trip to walmart and found this amazing product by Meguiar’s:

At walmart, this product cost $24, but you can get it now with the link above for only $18.74 and free shipping on Amazon! I used the product twice so far and see no reason why I can’t use it another. $18.74 / 3 = $6.24 per vehicle!

People that know me, know that I have zero mechanical ability. I wish I would have at least the rudimentary ability. I would be able to save thousands of dollars across my rental properties. But alas I do not. So when I say this product is easy to use, IT IS SO EASY A CAVEMAN CAN DO IT! LITERALLY!

The only extra “tools” required was an electric drill, some paper towels, and some masking tape. In about 30 minutes, I had a pair of headlights done.

The kit includes the wool buffing adapter bit for your drill, 2 pieces of sand paper with a Velcro hand tool, and 2 solutions to clean and protect your lenses.

Headlight Restoration: Before and After




Headlight Restoration: Conclusion and Bonus!

Whether you are selling your car, or buying a used car, you can use this headlight restoration kit to instantly add value and prolong it’s life. Using a quality product like Meguiar’s ensures ease of use and quick results.

Not only can you save hundreds with this product, but lets turn the idea upside down. How about earning hundreds by charging your friends, co-workers, and all those potential hundreds of thousands of customers you pass by on a weekly basis? Everyone has a car and many of them need this service. I could see easily charging between $40-$50 per application. At $6.25 expense and 30 minutes labor, how does $35-$45 an hour sound as a side gig? Heck at that rate how about full time? $35 an hour times a standard 40 hour work week only equals $72,000 a year…

Pretty shocking right?

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