Mobile Home Investing: Video Blog 1/14/15

Mobile Home Investing: Video Blog Introduction

Another commitment for 2015 (my year of change!) is for me to start keeping a video blog of my experience in real estate. See real estate through my eyes, literally! As you follow me this year I hope you will learn a lot about real estate investing, landlording, and property management.  I’m starting this not really knowing what each step will be. I want my videos to be unscripted and conversational. If I come across something frustrating, I want to document it for you to see. I also want to document the happy times and successful moments.

Mobile Home Investing: Video Blog 1/14/2015

In 2014 I acquired four mobile homes. Three of them were repos. Of the repos, one has been renovated and leased. The next one I’m working on is featured in the video below. I went out today to inspect renovations and show the place to a potential section 8 (housing assistance) tenant. Please tune in for more. Comments welcomed!

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