Mobile Home Investing: Video Blog 3/3/2015

Mobile Home Investing Video Blog Update:

My first vblog post was on 1/14/2015. In the last video I was working on securing a section 8 tenant for one of my mobile homes. That tenant fell through after hours of talking and filling out paperwork. When the tenant turned in all the documents, the case worker rechecked the property location only to NOW tell me that it fell out of their district!

On another note, a tenant I originally had contact with over 3 months ago contacted me during the first week of February. They ended up signing a February 15th lease and prorated half the month at $775 a month. I gave them $100 off the first months rent because they ran quite a few maintenance issues during the first 2 weeks of moving in.

The 3rd Repo home is located just behind the one in this video. I will, for the first time, be able to document it’s renovation journey and make a case study of it going forward. I am excited that the market for 3bd/2ba mobile home in this area is pushing at $775. This is definitely welcomed as the lot rents have increased in 2015 to $215 from $205. Follow me on my mobile home investing journey!

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