Saving Money: A great offer to save hundreds a year on your cell phone bill!

Saving Money on CellphoneSaving Money Introduction:

For 2015, make a commitment to cut expenses where you can. Saving money can be as easy as switching cell phone companies. I have used Boost Mobile for over 2 years and have saved hundreds of dollars in monthly payments. In fact, I saved over $500 in the first year. My cell phone bill dropped from $87 to just $45 a month.

Boost Mobile is Legit:

When people hear Boost Mobile, they usually think cheap or low quality. In fact, my friend sitting next to me is making fun of me right now. He thinks it is the “ghetto” cell phone company.

The fact is Boost Mobile runs on the Sprint Network and has great nationwide coverage. In addition they offer awesome plans. The cheapest plan starts at just $35 a month which includes unlimited text,talk,data. Data is in 4G but will be throttled once you hit 1GB. If you want more throttle free data, they offer 5GB for just $45 a month (which is the plan I have). There are no contracts!

Cell phone selection is great and includes the latest and greatest in iphones and android phones. I purchased a Sharp AQUOS on black Friday 2014 for only $65! You can pick it up now for only $149. This phone has a very unique screen and gets compliments all the time. To my knowledge this is the only cell phone company to carry this phone.

Saving Money Offer: $25 Bonus for Switching Now!

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