Toilet Cleaning ..! A great product to use!


Toilet Cleaning Introduction:

Toilets. This is one of the cliché reasons people don’t want to own rental property. I always share my enthusiasm with people I know when it comes to owning and managing rental property. It never fails that someone will say, “Yeah but I don’t want to get that 1:00AM call saying the toilet is backed up.”

For the record, I have never had a phone call at 1:00AM about a toilet. I did have a phone call on a Saturday from a downstairs apartment having water pouring into its ceiling from the toilet upstairs. Luckily it was a pipe leak and not a backup!

The fact of the matter is, at some point you will have to deal with toilets as a landlord. I recently found an awesome product I would like to share that will make toilet cleaning and more a breeze!

Scouring Stick: A miracle product?



Nothing turns off a prospective tenant during a walk-through then seeing a dirty nasty toilet. No matter how hard I scrubbed my toilets before I could never get rid of that unsightly ring (as pictured above).

Simply put this stick scrubbed on the toilet ring instantly dissolves it and makes your toilet look brand new. You can also use it on your tub/shower, or for oven cleaning. It is a porous and rough stick, but does not scratch porcelain or other delicate materials.

You can find a Scouring Stick in any hardware store for $4-$5. Order now through Amazon and get a 3-pack for only $8.69 (and free shipping)!

Follow These Steps…

1) Pour a small amount of Bleach into your toilet and let sit for a 3-5 minutes.
2) Use a brush as demonstrated in the picture above to scrub liberally.
3) Turn off the water by using the knob on the line behind the toilet.
4) After flushing, there should be no water left in the toilet.
5) With no water in the toilet, you can easily use the Scouring Stick without it getting needlessly wet.
6) After scrubbing liberally with the Scouring Stick, the ring should be gone.

Now you have a clean fresh toilet to show off to your prospective tenants!


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